Who’s never said it?
Whoops or bother or blow or whatever words you use to announce to everyone and no one, that you messed up, are helpful words. “How are they helpful?” I hear you ask. They’re helpful insofar as they remind us that we are not in control. When we hit our head, whoops. When we trip over the pavement, whoops. When we spill tomato sauce on our nice white shirt, whoops.

Whoops reminds us that the image we have of ourselves is far from true. The belief that I am the master of my destiny is all in my head. I can’t even see where I’m going, and I think I’m in control of my life? Really?Whoops tells me that I’m not. Whoops tells me that I need help. Whoops tells me that the road ahead is going to be bumpy and filled with uncertainty and disappointment. Whoops, if I dare to listen closely, is a plea to someone, anyone, to do something. The good news is that someone can do something, and has done something.

When we recognise that hiding beneath our ‘whoops’ is a cry for help, and if we direct our cry to Jesus, He hears us and promises to help us. He does. Listen to Him, “Come to me all who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Everyone who has ever said whoops, is invited to take all their uncertainty and disappointment to Him. Why not do it today?

Pastor Duncan

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