In John 15 Jesus speaks of love and hate. God’s holy people are to love one another as Christ loved the church. How did He love the church? By laying down His life for her. That is how God’s holy people are to love.

Jesus then goes on to talk about hate. If you follow Me, says Jesus, expect to be hated. The world hates Me and therefore the world will hate you too. We should not be surprised by that but rather expect it.

Last week newly appointed CEO of Essendon Football Club, Andrew Thorburn, stepped down after only one day at the helm. Why?

Because he is a follower of Jesus.

The world hates Jesus and therefore a great many people found his appointment as CEO unacceptable. Because Jesus proclaims a truth that is at odds with the world’s truth, Andrew Thorburn was regarded as unsuitable to lead the club. Why? Because the world hates the one He bows down to. They can’t sack Jesus, so Andrew will have to do.

Why am I telling you this? To remind you that if you love Jesus expect dear brothers and sisters to be hated.

Pastor Duncan

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