Who’s your favourite superhero? Is it Spiderman perhaps? Maybe it’s Batman. I do rather enjoy the Christian Bale version of Batman I must admit. It’s a far cry from the Adam West Batman I grew up with.

When it comes to superheroes though, Superman stands out, don’t you think? I can’t think of another superhero quite like him. I mean, his alter ego is who? It’s Clark Kent. The ordinary, just like everyone else, no one would even notice, next door neighbour.

Every other superhero becomes, well – super.

Superman, on the other hand, becomes ordinary.
His identity, his true self is hidden in the ordinary.
A bit like Jesus really.

Those who walked with Him and ate with Him and followed the dusty roads wherever He went, didn’t know that they were actually walking with and eating with and following the one who made them. His true self was hidden in human flesh. He took on our likeness, became like one of us. Only when He rose from the dead did they realise who He was. Jesus really is our own historical Superman. He took on our greatest enemy and won. And one day the whole world will see Him as He truly is. Whose your favourite superhero? I know who mine is.

Pastor Duncan

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