If you’re fortunate enough to have been born in Australia in the last 60 or so years, chances are you’re comfortable by the worlds standards. God’s probably blessed you with access to a good education, a well paid job, maybe even your own home. Excellent.

Let me ask you a question. Why has God blessed you? Has He blessed you to bless you? Or has He blessed you to bless others?

I think the Scriptures are pretty clear on that. If God has blessed us and we walk past a brother or sister doing it tough, and we do nothing to help, we cannot truly say we love them as we love ourselves.

To be blessed of God does come with obligations. We are to show compassion as God shows compassion. We are to be merciful as God is merciful. We are called to be generous with all that God has blessed us with. Why? Because that’s what blessed men and women do.

Pastor Duncan