Moving house is tiring. It’s certainly disruptive. Eventually however, everyone has to do it.

The day is coming, no one knows exactly when it will be,
when we will all have to move on.

This life we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with will be taken from us. The owner will come knocking and tell us, “times up.” The house, the body He has given us is ours for as long as He allows us to inhabit it. Some of us have it for a hundred years. Some of us have it for far less. And when He knocks on our door, we have to let it go.

Here’s the thing. If you know the one who owns the house, the one who gave it to you, when He tells you it’s time to leave, He promises to give you a new house. A brand new body that won’t wear out or get tired or fail in any way will be given you. And the neighbourhood you will be moving to will be wonderful. Streets paved with gold and neighbours who are welcoming and a pantry that’s always full.

I dislike moving house. But I tell you what, that final move will be well worth it. I wonder, are you ready to move?

Pastor Duncan

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