Takes and Remakes - Blog

Many of us can never see peace because we can’t understand grace.
We want to repay, to make it up – always striving, always grafting – but we can never repay God.

We come with our hurts and fears, our brokenness, and yet Jesus takes us as we are; that’s grace.
When we can’t repay, he is rescuing, welcoming, forgiving.


But he doesn’t leave us broken,
he tells us who we are and who we are becoming.

In an interview with Andrew Denton, Stephen Curry (the Australian actor, not the American basketballer) was asked,
“What’s the secret to raising boys in this day and age?”
Stephen and his wife are the parents of two young boys, and he replied,
“Turn them into kind men… what you tell your kids they are, is what they will be”

Jesus says we are loved, in spite of all we’ve done.
While we were enemies of God,
he brought peace,
he bought peace – paid for on the cross.
You are loved,
you are known,
and you are valued.

God takes us as we are, the broken.
He states who we are becoming.
He remakes us whole, into the image of his Son.


This is an excerpt from the sermon entitled, “Jephthah”.