This fund has been established by Beaconsfield Baptist Church to provide support and relief to Eligible Persons experiencing financial difficulty or hardship.

What is covered

Support will be provided in the form of a:

  • $150 grocery gift card for individuals; and
  • $300 grocery gift card for couples and families.


Eligible Persons must be:
(1) a resident within the City of Casey or Cardinia Shire Council;
(2) at least 18 years old; and
(3) either:

  • Receiving an income support payment for individuals from the Australian Government, including COVID-19 related income support.
    The applicant must provide evidence (e.g. valid pension card/Centrelink statement) of receiving one of the following Australian Government income support payments:
  • Experiencing serious hardship and unable to provide the following for yourself, your family or other dependents: food, accommodation, clothing, medical treatment, education or other basic necessities.

    Factors contributing to serious hardship generally include family break-up or tragedy, financial misfortune, serious illness, impacts of natural disaster and other serious or difficult circumstances.
    You will need to provide evidence to support the claim of serious financial hardship.
    Types of evidence can include the following:
    – letter from a charitable organisation regarding loss of employment or inability to provide for basic necessities
    – official eviction notice (not a warning of possible eviction due to rental arrears)
    – pending disconnection of essential services, like water, electricity or gas (does not include mobile phone or internet bills)
    – bank notice, for example, overdraft call or mortgaged property repossession
    – overdue medical bills
    – letter from a doctor verifying the inability to earn an income due to illness or caring for a sick family member
    – final notice from school regarding payment of mandatory fees
    – funeral expenses
  • A small business owner or sole trader experiencing financial difficulty.

    Financial difficulty for businesses is associated with business closure, imminent legal action pending for non-payment of debts, court orders and settlements.
    You will need to provide evidence to support the claim of business financial difficulty.
    Types of evidence can include the following:
    – a bank notice (for example, overdraft call or mortgaged property repossession)
    – an official eviction notice
    – a disconnection notice
    – a repossession notice
    – a notice of impending legal action
    – evidence business is under administration


To apply for BBC Community Assistance Fund support you will need to complete and submit this Application Form to the Office Assistant

We take many factors into account when assessing your application. All documentary evidence you provide to support your financial circumstances should be dated within four weeks of your application. Providing one or more of the documents listed above may not necessarily result in your application being successful. In some cases, these requirements may change, depending on your circumstances. Approval is subject to the discretion of Beaconsfield Baptist Church.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office Assistant on 9707 0777 or by email at

All Fund application information collected by Beaconsfield Baptist Church is governed by the Fund’s Privacy Policy. For further information about how Beaconsfield Baptist Church deals with personal information or to access your information, please request a copy of Privacy Policy by emailing

The BBC Community Assistance Fund relies on the generous donations of our supporters. If you would like to donate to the Fund the bank account details are below. Donations are currently not tax deductible.

Name: BBC Covid 19 Assistance Fund
BSB: 704 922
Account Number: 100018394