Most sports’ movies have the same plot.
So, even if you haven’t seen the 80s classic Hoosiers, you probably know what it’s about.
There’s a small-town basketball team, misfit players, washed up coach, and the underdogs make it the state final.

But the final is played in a huge arena, one like they’ve never seen.
So the coach, seeing the look of fear on the faces of his players, pulls out a tape measure and measures it.
15ft to the free throw line, 10ft to the ring; the basics are the same.

At the start of the book of Joshua they’re on the precipice of something new;
they’ve never been where they’re going, they don’t know the way.

And so God gives them faith for the future,
promises from the past,
and his presence in the present.


The arenas may change, but the basics never do.
Not in their day and not in ours – courage is the command.

The fundamental heart of what it means to walk with God never changes:
God is with us and gives us strength.
He is faithful and we need to remember.
He is the leader and we must surrender.

We walk into the future with confidence, with courage because God has a plan and will be with us every step of the way.


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