The One Message

What if there was only one message you needed to hear?

I’ve written 100 sermons but perhaps there should only be one I ever have to give.
If I’d know that earlier, I could have saved myself a lot of time in preparation.

Love God with everything.
Love others as you love yourself.

It’s the only message we need to hear… if we obey it.

Maybe I should tell some stories, give some examples, throw in a couple of jokes, but essentially it’s all there in Matthew 22.
Love God.
Love others.

On these two commandments, the first and greatest – love God,
and the second which is like it – love others,
Jesus adds: “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”


The whole Bible depends on them, rests on them, literally hangs on them.
Like a picture on a wall, like a man on a cross, the whole word of God hangs on this love.
Before all other things, is God’s passion that the world would revolve around
whole-hearted love for him and sacrificial love for one another.
That’s what the whole story of redemption depends on.

That’s why this is the only message we need to hear, because Jesus said that everything else hangs on it.

When we truly believe it, share it and live it out, then there’s nothing else left to say.


You can listen to whole sermon here, entitled “Model Obedience”