Do you love this city?

Recently Melbourne lost the title of “world’s most liveable city.”
After 7 years at the top, it fell… to second place.
But for a city that ranks so highly, we find it easy to pick its faults (transport, cost of living, safety, etc.).

It’s loud and busy and…
that’s why I think God loves it.
Our city is full of people.

Jesus’ third promise to Paul in Acts 18 is that Jesus has many people in the city of Corinth [Acts 18:10].
He speaks of a future reality; because there are many of his people in Corinth, they just don’t know it yet!
The job isn’t done, but God has started the work and now Paul’s task is to preach the word.


Jesus has people in our city, our community too – that’s why we love it!

Our hopes and dreams for Beaconsfield are still just a future reality.
Jesus has many people in this community, therefore we’re not done, our task is not finished yet.

As you look around this place, what stirs your soul?
What needs do you see and what areas of growth are you excited by?
Who do you see and what would it look like if they were transformed by the gospel?